An Unexpected Love

An Unexpected Love is the first book in the Hudson Brothers PI Series. It's a Second Chance Romantic Suspense with approximately sixty-three thousand words. On a scale of one to five the violence level in this book is a four. It's highly sensual and includes hot love scenes, I would say standard for mainstream romance.

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Their worlds were fused together by a single ringing of the telephone.

Kyler Jefferson was just sixteen when her family was brutally murdered. Left pregnant and alone she has been running for nearly a decade from place to place, terrified that one day they would be found by the mysterious caller with sinister intentions.

Since the deaths of his mother and sister, Caleb Hudson has been living the bachelor’s life. As a private investigator, he usually handles cheating spouses and missing persons, which suits him just fine. While investigating a routine case, he finds himself thrust into Kyler’s life, consumed by a profound need to protect her from a past he knows nothing about.

They are two people going down separate roads; one running for her life, the other trying to maintain what’s left of his own. How can they preserve their lives when fate has decided she has other plans?

Excerpt One

Copyright © 2015 J. Haney An Unexpected Love (Hudson Brothers PI, Book 1)

Kyler Flashback

Five hours later, I’m shopped out. We get home with all the things we could fit in my truck; the rest should be delivered in a day or so. I grab a Chinese menu so I can order takeout. I’ve been craving it and sour gummies, which I picked up while we were out. I take the menu to the couch where Mrs. Ryan is sitting so we can look at it together.

“What do you want, Kyler?” she asks.

I laugh. “Everything, I’m starving.” I start laughing again as I feel a kick. “Apparently, I’m not the only one that is hungry.”

Mrs. Ryan laughs with me. “They’re hungry… Mom,” she says, which throws me into a bigger fit of giggles.

Thirty minutes later we hear a knock at the door; Mrs. Ryan yells up that she will get it. I figure it’s just our Chinese being delivered. I'm setting the plastic on the floor so we can start painting after we eat. Just as I finish setting everything up, Mrs. Ryan screams. I run to my bedroom to grab my phone and the gun they make me keep beside my bed. I hide in the closet and call Mr. Ryan. On the second ring, he answers.

“Hey, how are my girls doing?” He sounds happy.

“Someone's here,” I tell him. “I'm in the closet with my gun like you told me to do. I heard a scream. What do I do?”

“Calm down, Kyler. I’m calling the police in Arco. I know your father taught you to shoot. So you go downstairs and if you think you need to shoot the intruder, then that is what you do.” He sounds a bit nervous.

"Okay, I got it," I say, then hang up the phone.

Sneaking down the stairs, I see a man is holding Mrs. Ryan against the wall. Mrs. Ryan makes eye contact with me and I hold up one finger to see how many people are in the house.

“You and me are the only ones here, asshole. Let me go now!” she screams. Just him, then. The intruder slams her head against the wall again. I tiptoe the rest of the way down and sneak up behind them. I place my gun to the back of his head.

“The gun’s loaded and the cops are on their way. Now let her go or I will shoot you before they get here,” I say as calmly as possible.

“I don’t think you will actually shoot me.” He sounds extremely pissed off.

“I am going to give you to the count of three.” I wait a moment to see if he will let her go. Damn it, he’s going to call my bluff. “One… two… thr…” He lets go of Mrs. Ryan before I get three out. “Now turn around.”

The man slowly turns to look at me and tries to take the gun out of my hand. While fighting for the gun, I feel a pain in my stomach. Oh no, it’s too soon. Damn it, Ky, you know better than this. With one hand on the gun, I knee the man in the nuts and snatch the gun back from him. He starts to come at us, and without hesitation I pull the trigger.

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Excerpt Two

Copyright © 2015 J. Haney An Unexpected Love (Hudson Brothers PI, Book 1)


Hearing the blaring alarm clock, I groan and smack it. Rolling over, I feel someone in bed with me.

“What the fuck?” I jump out of bed and look over to find a blonde with big tits. She stirs as I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what the fuck happened last night. The blonde looks at me.

“Hey Cal, why don’t you get back in bed and show me some more of them moves from last night?”

She giggles. God, I hate when chicks giggle! Running my hand down my face, I count to three then look again; yep, she’s still here. Fuck. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I squint at the blonde.

“I... um… I’ve got to jump in the shower and get ready for work. Just leave your number on the counter in the kitchen and I’ll give you a ring sometime,” I say quickly, then head to the shower, leaving the naked blonde lying in my bed. Shutting the bathroom door, I turn the water on. As I step into the shower, the door opens.

“Cal, can I come in?” the blonde coos. I hope for a moment that I can just fuck her and maybe then she’ll leave. Before I can answer, she slips into the shower with me. I look her over from head to toe: bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, fake tits, nice ass, and long legs.

“Turn around and put your hands on the wall,” I command as I grip her hip and move my cock to her entrance. Without much more than a groan, I thrust into her hard and fast.

“That’s...It…Cal…Fuck…Me…Hard…Baby…” she grunts between thrusts. I can feel myself getting closer. Pumping my cock into her harder and harder, I smack her ass just to hear her scream out.

“Come…for…me!” The blonde screams.

“Turn around and get on your knees,” I demand through gritted teeth as I pull out. The blonde drops to her knees in front of me and takes my cock into her mouth slowly. I groan louder as my cock touches the back of her throat. Wrapping both hands in her hair, I start pumping my cock into her mouth.

“Fuck!” I scream as I come.

Done, I turn away from the blonde and hurry to finish my shower. I jump out, leaving the water on for the chick. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I go to my closet and grab my clothes for the day: jeans, button-down shirt, and a jacket to hide my guns. Just as I finish getting my clothes on, the blonde walks out completely dressed. Thank fuck; hopefully she is ready to leave.