Chasing Shadows

What if you really aren’t alone in the dark? That’s the premise of Chasing Shadows. That we are not alone, and something may just be trying to break free. Run down the lights streets of this 50k novel and see jusat what it's like to really have a reason to be afraid of the dark.

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A P.A.R.K.S. Sector Selection

Chasing Shadows

Ever have a cold chill trail up your spine? Perhaps get a flicker of something in your peripheral? Maybe you have had the feeling you were not quite alone in the darkness. Welcome to a world where the monsters are real, but not everyone knows where they hide.

Toxic Shadows, that’s what the governments have called the worldwide phenomenon, and the Paranormal Agency of Kinetic Studies or P.A.R.K.S. sector have been collecting, cataloging and disposing of these creatures for years, under the guise of public safety.

Having released a level 5 Shadow into the world, P.A.R.K.S. Agent Amelia Spencer is on the run. The details of her exploits to get what she wants has put her in the line of sight of her government and they want answers.

Little do they or Amelia know, but mankind is on a collision course toward a fate they could never predict.

A P.A.R.K.S. Sector Selection

Chasing Shadows


Amelia’s heart pounded hard against her ribs as she made her way upstairs and slowly opened the door. The windows were covered in heavy cloths with pinpricks letting small dollops of light shine through, high on the scorched walls, giving him a foothold on her world as always. She smiled as the Shadow lines formed and crawled across the floor. As it took shape, green vertical slits formed into eyes that shown in the sunlight.

“Amelia Spencer,” He spoke firmly.

“Natan.” She smiled, although she stiffened, feeling his eyes as they rolled over her. He was not strong enough to lay real weight on her, but she could feel him. Like a breeze at times, or a fading electric buzz from a tesla ball. The hairs on her body lifted, and she felt a full chill rush through her limbs.

“You humans never cease to amaze me, always so full of energy. Especially after something vigorous. What have you been doing? Working? Have you brought me more than an empty containment cage this time?” Natan eased her toward the floor, she gasped, feeling her throat tighten at the anger in his voice. “I’m starving, and you are fucking someone you have just met!” He growled. “I tolerate the Talents because I feed off their residual energies from you. But if I try to do that now…I’ll hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m sorry, Natan. I couldn’t catch the last TS I made contact with. I’ve been hunting, which you know takes time.”

He slithered down her length, settling beside her on the rug, his features blurred by his placement in the void. Like a camera put out of focus, he was constantly in a state of shifting movement. When Amelia was young, it used to make her sick, but as she grew up, she became accustomed to his rocking stance. He was a level Five Shadow now. When they met as children, he was what P.A.R.K.S. would have deemed a level one. A sprite, like a particle of dust, that slight of movement out of the corner of your eye in the room. As she got older and he fed on the energies in the house, he became more aware of her and revealed his true self when she was seventeen. He was the first Shadow to ever speak to her. Tied to the property, another reason she could never give it up, and she, of course, loved him dearly.

“I’m sorry I was cross,” Natan apologized, his green eyes closing. “I’ve missed you is all and not being able to feed makes it hard to keep my form here.”

“I know. But I’m not without. I managed to get my hands on a TS two. An Alastore after a Talent interaction. It was supposed to be incinerated… With that… We need to talk. I need your help and your unwavering attention.”