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Centuries Of Blood:


Three men, a single heart. What's a girl to do? Especially when one of them has fangs...

16th Century England. A land at war. It's people fighting, dying for a king who chases skirts and takes heads on a whim. It is a time of reformation, of love, lust, betrayal and secrets. Catharine Morrigan Cecil is but sixteen years old as the tale unfolds, but her soul screams to be free of Glastonbury. Named for a child lost, she is chained to a life she doesn't want. Promised to a man whose ways foretell an unhappy life while still in love with another who will not fight for her.

Left rejected, in a reach for freedom she runs. Finding a mysterious town with an even more mysterious stranger. Alexandarious (Darious) is young, strong, and Immortal. A Blood Devourer. Knowing his nature, Catharine Morrigan dares to give him her heart. She has pierced him through and through, but his people are warring and her safety is in peril. He wants and needs the beautiful woman "Morrigan" is becoming. But his heart knows better. She deserves a full life; one he cannot give her.

The marriage bed awaits her as the Ottoman War zone calls him. The pair must separate to save the people to whom they are bound. While Darious fights for his Lord and Lady, Morrigan must fight for her survival at the hands of the man she calls husband.

Can they beat the odds, find each other once more and prove that love truly is Eternal?

Centuries of Blood:

Becoming Excerpt

Adult Content:

Through the darkness of the trees, she could see a bright light flickering wildly. Making the decision to check it out she drew near.

Finding it to be a fire with four men sitting around it, going on about money, hearing muffled voices she turned seeing a woman, legs in the air a man on top of her. The woman let out a short laugh as he pulled up his britches. "Is that all?" She cackled. "I would have been better on my own."

"Shut up wench." He growled, falling over drunk. He pulled himself up, as she laughed harder.


The man smacked her face. "I said shut up!" He keeled over suddenly, vomiting.

"Ox." She huffed moving so as not to be hit by his filth. She got up and walked back to the fire.

"So how much do we have?" She asked.

The seemingly hardened woman was nothing but a girl. Sixteen, seventeen at best, from the way she spoke, she seemed the brains of this band of thieves. They had robbed a wealthy old man and she herself had killed him. ‘Smothered him in his sleep just to see if she could.’ She boasted. They had acquired jewelry and some thirty pieces of silver, during the pilfer. The woman, Bibi, as Morrigan had heard one of them call her, was still not pleased.

"I guess this will have to do, but now I’m in need of something else." She smiled caressing the dark skinned man of the group.

He stood up, towering over Bibi; indeed, he was the tallest man Morrigan had ever seen. His body was lean and his face angular as he took Bibi’s two hands in his one, completely enwrapping them. The other three men watched this and scoffed. Bibi turned to the one of them with light hair, the quiet one it seemed, not saying a word while the others meddled with their drunken friend.

"You, come with us." She demanded.

He stood timidly.

Morrigan watched in earnest as she crouched in the bushes. She was curious of what was to follow. The young woman intended to have both of these grown men ravage her. While the other men watched, no doubt.

‘But surely two men at once cannot be done.’

The three of them walked from the fire, she watched as they kissed Bibi tenderly, each taking a shoulder of her dress and pulling it from her body, easing her to her knees. She cooed softly as the dark man caressed her bare skin.

Morrigan’s heart was pounding, as they removed their clothes the dark man in front of her, the other behind. As they embraced her, she let out a moan of pain, and joy. Morrigan turned hearing something behind her and a hand clasped over her mouth that was not her own.

She tried to scream only to be was silenced, she was being pulled backward.

The drunken man let out an inaudible groan. "What have we here?" He laughed, turning her to him, his hand still over her mouth. Stinking of alcohol and sweat, he smiled as he held her fast. She was frozen in fear, unable to scream as he reached under her dress, grabbing her thighs. She tried to get out of his grip, clawing at his face. She tried to run, being cut off by another man. She screamed as he caught hold of her.

"What a tender morsel." He laughed as she fought him.

"What is going on here?" Bibi’s voice came from behind them.

Morrigan saw her, "Please," She pleaded, looking to her.

"What?" She laughed. "Your intrusion is not welcomed. Where did you come from?" She demanded.

"I was looking for someone." She gasped in tears as one of them licked her cheek. "Release me! You bastards!"

"She’s feisty." The blonde man came to Bibi’s side now.

"She smells good." Grunted the one holding her. He took her hair, smelling it harshly. "Like fresh rain and flowers." He snickered. "Can we keep her?"

"Yes." The drunken man finished, "I wanna play with her."

"Do what you want. Just leave me alone." Bibi laughed.