The Unavoidable Road

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In Dreams...

The Unavoidable Road

“You’re going home and I'm coming with you.”

Just eight little words will bind their fates forever.

Amara is feisty, strong, and alone. She is human, she is a spell caster.

Morgan is charming and faithful. He is Meiores-Meiore, a Shapeshifter, and Telepath of dangerous persuasion. He is the trainer of Kings and Queens.

Amara is one who sees signs, following them no matter where they lead. When she stops in De Suet, encounters with a cloaked stranger make her question if he has some place in her future.

*Trigger Warning: Violence

* *Erotic Elements

The Unavoidable Road Excerpt

Finally, having had enough as it was mid-day and he was hungry, Morgan stopped and sat down. Amara did not notice until she was nearly an eighth of a mile ahead, when the prickly feeling had gone away, she looked back, finding him behind her already tending a small fire. She headed back to where he had apparently decided to make camp. The feeling returned, as she got closer. “You know if you need to stop, you could just say something.”

He raised an eyebrow, as she looked around. ‘Maybe I’ll go see about a rabbit or something.’

He shook his head hard against the thought. “Stay out of the woods, as a matter of fact, stay away from the pretty creeping vines too.”


“In those woods you’re not the hunter.”

“I see, thanks for the warning.” She sat on top of her pack, unloading her bow and sword. “So... What’s in the woods?”

“Flesh-eating plants, though you’d probably be just a snack.”

She ignored the size remark. “You are kidding right?”

“No, the vines grab people up and drag them inside as a meal.”

“That’s nuts, but I’ll take your word for it.” She noticed he was sitting on an old and tattered pillow. “Pampered much?”

“Aren’t you?”

“I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just making an observational statement.” With an eyebrow raise, she put up her hands, palms facing him with a slight shrug.

“Humph, I sleep sitting up, so this is comfortable.” ‘Prickly Parrot.’

“I would think that to be very uncomfortable.” She fished through her bag.

“Not really.” He started pulling pans out of his own bag.

“What are you doing?”

“Making lunch.” His tone as if to say is it not obvious, as he pulled plates and some other items out.

“How do you manage to fit all of that into one little sack?”

“Good organizational skills?”

“I see, so it doesn’t like... Shrink?”

“No.” He laughed, sitting very still for a moment, before them appeared fruits and vegetables and a small hen, which he grabbed quickly snapping its neck. “Will this do for lunch?”

“Um-I don’t eat b-poultry.” She twitched her head some, her hand to her stomach, his action on the bird making her cringe.

“No meat at all?” ‘Twitchy and a tad squeamish too?’

“No, just not birds...It’s a thing.”

“Ick then?”


“Sorry, too much time amongst the children, fish?”

“Fish is good.”

A moment of concentration later and he was throwing a long thin-bodied fish in a pan over the fire, its purple brown tail still twitching.

“That’s a really great spell.”

“I have my share of parlor tricks too.” He answered smugly. “Though they’re not really tricks.”

She rolled her eyes. “For one second this was almost normal.”

“Almost.” He half-smiled.

She sat and watched him as he cooked, he did not miss a beat, never opened his eyes in the slightest, and barely even turned his head handing her a plate. They ate quietly until her mind started to wander.

“So…you never open your eyes, how come?”

“I like it like that.”

“That’s not a reason.”

‘She’s really got a thing with reasons and excuses doesn’t she?’ “Yes, it is.”

“No... It’s an excuse; things happen for a reason; do you not have eyeballs?” She chuckled.

“They’re there”

“So you’re just creepy on purpose?”

“Most people don’t think I’m creepy.”

“Maybe not out loud or around you in general, since you can hear them, but the whole acting blind, not blind thing, hate to break it to you, but... Creepy.”

“Speaking of creepy, you might wanna move about ten feet to your left.” He pointed with his fork.

“Huh?” She turned seeing a blue flowered vine making its way to her. “Oh shit!” She jumped up grabbing her sword, ending up behind him, just standing. “I thought you said near the woods?”

“They’re plants, they grow.”

“Creepy.” She looked around quickly as if hearing something.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing.” She slashed at the vines with her sword, severing them, they pulled back quivering. “Maybe we should move on a bit further and definitely closer to the water.”

“Perhaps.” He finished his meal and cleaned up before they moved on.