Xander & Asher

Xander and Asher is a gay erotic romance. At 32k its a kitchen sink romp with not one but two HEA's! Follow the characters through the city streets and see just what life and love can be like for a Manhattanite.

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XAnder & Asher

Asher O’Grady runs O’Grady’s Garage. Fixing and selling cars to Manhattanites. Living and loving under the cover of his Grinder App, he’s a serial dater, until one late spring afternoon call brings him face to face with Xander Gatlin.

Suddenly the man’s palms are sweaty and his head is full of naughty connotations. Xander helpless against Asher’s tattooed and pierced tonged charm quickly succumbs to his lustful intentions and their hard bodies connect causing the young baker to see stars.

Can Xander break through Asher’s walls and open him up to the possibilities that await him in coming out to the family? Will Asher take the brave step toward a monogamous relationship?

Can they find where sex ends and love begins or will secrets rip them apart before they can even start?

*Trigger Warning: Violence

* *Erotic Elements

Xander & Asher


Adult Content:

WE TAKE HIS CAR BACK TO MY place and damn near hit a stop sign. Couldn’t be helped, I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself. Once inside my apartment, I give him the ten-cent tour and he nods his way through it. The next thing I know, mister ‘I-um’ has me pinned to my kitchen sink with his tongue down my throat. We have taken the make out session to my leather couch and he’s on top of me, his cock pressing into me through his slacks. I’ve tried going for it twice now and he’s deflected me both times. I’m about ready to pin his ass to the floor, but I’m letting him have his fun. Besides, it’s been years since I’ve had a good fully clothed makeout session, but if he bites my ear one more time… And there he goes… Fuck… I push him back to his knees on the couch. His breathing is fast and his smirk wide.

“What?” he asks, his eyes searching mine. I crawl up and grab his shirt, pulling it up out of his pants.

“I need you with less…” I pull his shirt off and find to my sweet surprise that the boy has nipple piercings! I flick them with my tongue rings and he grabs me by the head as I tease and nibble at him. This time, when I go for his belt, he’s not stopping me. Finally! I reach down into his slacks and find a nice fat cock just screaming to be wrangled free. Since he’d kicked off his shoes a while ago, I grab his waistband and tear his pants and boxer briefs from him in one fell swoop. Now I have a wonderfully naked and very horny man sprawled out before me. Just the way I like them.

His chest heaves and his stomach contracts, sending the barely there four pack he has rippling as his engorged cock twitches to the left. I run my hands up his thighs, parting his legs and wrapping my thumbs up under the base of his shaft, making him moan. “How long’s it been since you’ve had a good sucking?” I ask.

He looks down at me with his dreamy blue eyes, the first thing I noticed about him. “I-it’s been a while.”

“What’s a while?” I bend down, flicking his tip with my barbells playfully.

“Ahh… Two years.” His head drops as I lick him from balls to cut.

Really, then I’m gonna have to pull out all the stops so you don’t cum too soon.” I get up, taking him by the hand and pulling him up with me. “C’mon. We need a bed.”

“You need to strip,” he demands in a low tone that makes my cock hurt.

“Nah, this is about you right now, I’ll cum later.” What the fuck am I saying? I must be really digging on this dude. Usually, I’m all about getting my nut.