Administrative Duties

Administrative Duties is an older woman, younger man situtation with all the feels. Slip into something sexy and plunge yourself into this surprising 52k novel, where a Sexy Cougar entices her Young Assistant into a lustful affair.

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Administrative Duties

Taniel Jacobs is in an open relationship, he meets LitheinLeather, a masked woman nearly twenty years older than him for a single encounter. All was going great until he breaks a few rules… An honest man, he plans to break it to his girl, only to find she’s broken their key rule. She’s seeing someone on the regular.

Relationship gone… But the Black’s Guild Publishing Company will fill the void. Especially with the sexy Cassandra Blackguild to look at all day long.

Cassandra Blackguild is a forty-year-old publishing mogul, she is also unbeknownst to Taniel, LitheinLeather. Recognizing him, the first day on the job.

One wet kiss and she can’t get the man out of her head. Will she take the chance and reveal her identity, or will it just be all work and no play for this sexy cougar and her young nubile Administrative Assistant?

*Trigger Warning:

* *Erotic Elements

Administrative Duties




“HARDER, BABY,” she demands as I pound my cock into her. It’s one a.m. and I’m tapping the ass of some redhead I met in the club, right in the parking lot. She’s cute and tight as fuck. A great combination, just wish I could remember her name. Her pussy clenches and I blow my load, falling against her. I pull out and police the condom as she pulls up her panties.

“Damn, baby, that was hot.” She turns around with a big grin. “Gimme your phone, I may wanna do that again sometime.

“Sorry, hon, it’s not on me at the moment,” not a total lie, it’s in the truck. I don’t need the bullshit of some needy broad right now, got too much going on and my girl at home might not like it if she saw the number. Though it would help me get rid of her…

“You’re a dick,” the redhead spits at me.

“Yeah, so?” I respond, heading around the truck and getting in. “You want that ride home or not?”

She shakes her head. “I’ll get a fucking cab.”

“Suit yourself.” I get in the truck and start her up, pulling away. Maybe you think it’s a dick move, perhaps it is, but she knew what we came out here for. Hell, it was her idea. I didn’t bend her over, I didn’t drop her panties. That was all her. I gotta get home, shower, fuck my girl, and get some sleep. I have a job interview in the morning that I gotta nail.

I get home and Pricilla is waiting on the couch. She’s wearing just my sweater vest and socks, and her hair is down in long black waves, her double D’s are popped up, and my dick is instantly hard.

“Hey, my man.” She snaps up and runs over to me, wrapping her arms around me, making me lift her ass up as she wraps her legs around my hips.

“You smell like country pussy,” she says, kissing me. “Who was she?”

“Just a barfly, nobody special.”

“Not worth bringing home?” She bites my ear.

See, I’m not a total dick, Pricilla and I have an open relationship. I fuck who I want, just never more than once, that would make it a relationship and the only relationship I’m allowed to have is with her. Same goes for her, and we always use protection, never kiss the other people, and no oral. Just hard fucking from time to time and the occasional threesome.

I groan as she unzips my fly and strokes me. I slip a finger down into her, she’s already wet for me, just how I need her to be. My pants hit the floor as I stumble out of my boots and take her to the couch. I’m in her before my ass hits the cushions and she rides me like the stallion I am.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me,” she grits out, slamming against me. I lean back and let her do her thing. It feels good, but I’m tired. I’ll let her go and get her orgasm, but I’m not gonna cum myself, I’m just not that into it.

She pulls off my vest and her tits are bouncing in my face, so I grab them, sucking on them and getting her to sail over the edge. She shakes on top of me, calling my name.

Good, she’s done. I pull from her, kissing her a bit, then get up.

“Hey, you didn’t…”

“I’m tired, I just wanna grab a shower and hit the sheets.”

“Oh…” She sounds disappointed. I can’t be dealing with that right now, I got to get some sleep. I only went out with the guys tonight because it was Ralph’s birthday or I’d have been in bed by ten. Real cool for a twenty-three-year-old, I know, but this job is important.

“Honey, you know I gotta ace this interview at Black’s Guild in the morning. Please don’t start, I’ll let you blow me in the morning, okay?”

“Don’t do me any favors.” She gets up and heads for the bedroom. Great, now she’s pissed. Whatever, maybe she’ll be asleep when I get out of the shower at least.