Sweet Girls

Sweet Girls

What can I say about this little diddy? It's a novella at just under 24k. It's violent and a tad gory, with lusty cannotations. It is not reccomened for readers under 18 nor with sensitive constitutions. If you are easily triggered walk away now. If not, enter my dark world and see where my crazy can lead you.

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Sweet Girls

You should always trust your instincts…

Three Best friends out for the weekend, a party that seemed innocent enough. Then everything goes terribly wrong. Makenzie (Mack) Leighton is a Los Angeles cop and her private and personal lives have just collided.

One friend lies in a hospital bed while the other is missing. The target of a sexual sadist and serial rapist that the F.B.I. has been trailing for more than a year.

Now she must contend with Special Agents on her turf and getting in the way of her investigation.

Time is of the essence as The Photographer has never taken a victim before and they have no idea how long Alley Masters has left.

**Trigger warning

*** Graphic Violence

Sweet Girls

Excerpt: Adult Content:

SEEMED EPHRAIM AND AARON THE two mohawked guys I met in the club were staying in our hotel. They came up for the week for a wedding then hit the clubs for a good time.

“So how’d you hear about this party?” I ask as we piled into the Uber.

“This guy stopped us in the lobby, gave us a flyer, said we should come by, especially if we met any pretty girls.” Aaron smiled, his arm around me for lack of space in the car.

“Right. Just like that?”

“He said he liked our look, and if we were into it he’d like to take some headshots. We were like party on dude.” Ephraim added from the front seat. “We do a bit of modeling in New York, so being noticed out here is a big deal.”

“What kind of modeling?”

“Um, well, kissing cousins actually.” Aaron smirked.

“Oh, well…” I could feel the blush fill my cheeks as they looked at each other, then me.

“Yeah, we’re not actually related, we just look alike by accident. It’s the tall blonde hair, blue eye thing. It gets us a lot of work though in the Indy scene. The girls love it, and well we don’t mind.”

“That’s sexy as all hell.” Alley pipes up. “So, are you guys like together?”

“Sometimes… Is that a problem?”

I shook my head no. Alley smirked running her hand up the back of Ephraim’s neck. He leaned into it with a deep moan.

Heather snickered as she was squished between Aaron and Carver.

We arrived at the hotel and the guys went to the front desk to find out just where this party was. We followed them out to the Villa’s seemed it was where we’d heard all the partying earlier in the night.

Outside was filled with people and what looked like security, sure enough we were stopped.

“You got an invitation?” A big guy with aviator glasses on asked, his arms folded over his broad chest.

Aaron produced three flyers, “US and out plus one’s.” He smiled and the big guy moved out of the way.

“Enjoy.” He muttered as we went inside.

It was lit up by candles and strobe lights, that made my eyes twitch instantly. Making my stomach lurch and I had to high tail it for the bar that was set up toward the back of the joint. Alley and Heather were right behind me with the guys in tow.

“You alright?” Heather asked rubbing the back of my neck.

“It’s the strobes, is all just need a few to adjust.” I looked around, people were sitting chatting, drinking, some were dancing. “Who’s throwing this shin dig?” I ask looking at the guy behind the bar.

“Don’t know they just keep calling him the host. Don’t think he’s even come out of the master bed room yet. But people keep going in.” The bartender smiled.

“Okay.” That didn’t sit well with me. Something about this whole scenario felt off and I couldn’t shake it.

“Hey.” Aaron smiled.

I turned to him to see him handing me a beer.

“You thirsty?”

I nod taking the beer and popping the top, I slug it down and watch as Alley and Heather melt into the crowd.

“So, what do you do?” Aaron asks me and I grin.

“I’m a cop.” That is usually the last I see of most guys. They can’t handle that I’ve probably got a bigger dick than they do.

“Really? For Santa Monica?”

“Nah, L.A.” I lean against the counter smugly.

“That’s cool, gotta be dangerous though.”

“I can handle myself pretty good. What I can’t handle I can always shoot.”

Except in that outfit, where could you hide a gun?”

“Oh, you’d be surprised.” I turn from him pulling my .22 from my tits, putting it on the table.

“Fuck, really?”

“Yup. You still wanna try and get in my pants?”

“Fuck, yes.” He pressed against the counter, I’m suspecting to hid his hard on.

“Hmm, brave boy.” I reached up taking him by the face and kissing him, as I grabbed my gun off the counter and put it back where it belonged.

He grabbed my ass and deepened the kiss, and my panties were instantly wet, his tongue ring flicking against my tongue made promises of future endeavors and I was getting more than eager to let him try.

“My room isn’t far.” He whispered deeply into my ear, nipping it with his teeth.

“I gotta tell my friends where I’m going.” I moan as I pull from him, “Wait here.” I run my hands down his chest and give his cock a squeeze, getting a plenty handful, as I walk away.