California Moon

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The Natural Alpha Series

California Moon

Danny Johnston is a young bounty hunter, who for three years to hone her craft has lived and loved as a man. In pursuit of a lead to her family’s killers, Danny is thrown from her horse and attacked by something she cannot identify.

Jake Dorsey is a man traveling on his own while trying to leave his demons behind. When he finds Danny’s horse and returns it, he is awestruck, aware of the bounty hunter’s reputation.

They decide to travel together, if only to ease the burdens of traveling alone. Secrets and complicated situations compound as Jake believes Danny to be a man, while Danny believes Jake to be a Human.

When the truth is finally discovered, will starting an affair prove simple or will Danny be left to make the hard choice? Can she forgo vengeance for love or will the desire to keep her blood oaths prove stronger?

California Moon


SPLASH! I wake up soaked by water, J.D. and Violet found me, and he's jumped into the lagoon, rightly soaking me down. I'd be pissed, but I'm too concerned for being wet. Clothes sticking to me aren't a great idea. I'm trying to pull the shirt away from me as Violet plops down next to me.

“Danny! Why don't you hop in? Violet you too!” J.D. shouts swimmin' backward.

“Sorry, can't swim.” I answer rather truthfully.

“So how much longer are you gonna keep lyin' to the man?” Violet asks me quite straightly.

I stare at her.

“He's really taken to you, I'd almost say he is in love, but he's wrestlin'' that. It's not fair to confuse him so bad. He wants to help you. Be with you.”

“Ain't nothin' he can do for me I can't do for myself. Violet, why don't you distract him, so he doesn't get hurt by me?”

“Isn't that obvious?” Now she stares at me.


She smiles and kisses me gently on the side of my mouth. Sweet like, whisperin' into my ear. “I can't distract him because I want you. I've had men, but women always draw me deeper, and with you I get the best of both worlds.” She takes the whiskey from me and slugs some down. Damn she's sexy as hell.

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