Momma Fal just popped!

When an early labor come with complications the Hopkins Clan must pull together to try and solve the problem. But what happens when the family you’ve come to rely on, must go on with their own lives?

Alone with babies and a recovering wife can Justin handle all that fatherhood has in store for him?

Can Fallon overcome the lingering effects of her delivery? This was supposed to be the happiest time of their lives, but when a curve ball comes this pair will always swing for the fences. Will it be a home run or a foul tip?

*Trigger Warning:

* *Erotic Elements

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Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Freedom Rings (County Fair Romance, Book 4)

I don’t have the time to pick Blaine up from the airport. Since coming back to New York it’s been all work and zero play. Dealing with his mopey ass is not high on my agenda right now when I have a deadline that we are coming up on that now looks like we need an extension on. Fuck I should have known better than to rely on email and snail mail to do what I needed to be here doing. I don’t blame Fallon for it, regardless of what she may think. I chose to blow off work, to personally oversee the building of her house, I refused to go back when she was in her depression and even when she seemed to come out of it, I could have come back, but I was so cozy, back in Kentucky. I had everything I wanted, leaving just didn’t seem so important anymore. I didn’t think about what it meant to no be here, what no boss around would allow the workers to do. We’ve been cited for numerous safety violations and have gone over budget on some of the pro bono work. I can recover it, with the new jobs we picked up doing sheet metal for the MET and some resurfacing at the Library, but what I need to do is secure the new Community center they’re building in the Bronx. It would lend us to the finished tune of about four point six million. Shit with that, Joe Jr wouldn’t have to worry about us for a long while.

It’s a lot of negotiating, and I’m lowballing the other contractors, by about five million, but it’s because we work better, more efficiently and we’re Non-Union, so there is no tape to cut through, which reduces overhead considerably. It’s been a long day drawing up the papers and working on the model for the presentation to the planning committee next week, and all I really want is a long hot bath and a beer, but I know I have to go home and deal with Blaine, so I stop off at the local bar on 52nd street and have a couple scotches just to take off the edge. By the time, I come wandering into the Penthouse, it’s well after eight and Blaine is sitting on the couch looking just as depressed as I expected him to.

He looks at me and I at him, I’m not sure what to say. He saves me the trouble and gets up coming over to me and hugging me.

“I fucked it up.” He sniffles. “I went to do right and all I did was fuck it up.”

I wrap my arms around him, letting him nuzzle into me. “I don’t know what to tell you. I said not to go, told you this was gonna happen.”

He pulls away looking at me with a grimace. “You don’t need to rub it in. I said I know I fucked up.”

“Yeah, well you really upset Fallon, she’s all worked up now. She doesn’t need your drama on top of her own.”

“My drama?” He nearly laughs. “That sister of yours is the most stubborn person on the planet, she creates drama with every breath because she can’t let shit go.”

“Yeah, and you knew that going in. So that makes you an idiot for thinking you could change what she’s got going on.”

“You know what, I don’t need you making me feel even worse right now, I thought coming home would be better, but it’s obviously not. Your dinner is in the oven. I’m going to bed.” Blaine shakes his head and walks away.

What does he want from me? That’s my baby sister and no one, I mean no one messes with her and doesn’t hear about it from me.

I grab my taco salad from the oven, Blaine had gone to the trouble of baking the shells himself, this must have taken half the afternoon with how he fusses. Now I’m feeling a bit like a jerk, but I still stand by what I said. I eat and head for the bedroom to find a locked door. He locked me out? You know what that’s just fine. I head to the room where I keep my overflow of stuff and set up the bed, then go and take that long hot bath I was dreaming about all day, dozing off for a bit. It’s well after midnight by the time I crawl into bed and pass out, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.