Did someone say babies?

No one said pregnancy was easy, but for Fallon Hopkins it’s downright crazy!

Start with a broken and horny fiancé, sprinkle it with body issues and add dash of teen angst and you’re in for one hell of a Spring, and that’s just February!

With Nick and Blaine in the mix there are Gender reveal parties for her lament and baby showers to waddle through.

Follow the Hopkins Clan as they twist and turn through late night cravings and a little momma who just grows and grows!

*Erotic Elements

**Homosexual Themes

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Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Spring Fling (County Fair Romance, Book 3)

“Hey!” I say as Justin turns toward me and I deck him. He hits the grass and looks up at me with a glare.

“What the fuck?” He spits and I see the blood, seems I’ve busted his lip.

“I’m sick of you being a dick. You come at us about not stressing her, about taking care of her, yet every time I turn around, you’re letting her skirt by with sweets or fried fish and chips. She journals everything in the Chromebook. Hell, I know how often you guys fuck! I also know you aren’t supposed to be doing that as often as you do. Yet here you are, twenty-three weeks into a high-risk pregnancy and you are trying to act like it’s all well and good. While she does nothing but talk to God and ask for signs that she’s gonna be here in three more months. You know what she saw today as? Her sign, this house. Filling it with all the things a house needs, making it home, that is what’s going to keep her here, give her purpose. So, shut the fuck up, be the man she needs and give her what she needs. For fuck's sake, Justin. Love her like she deserves and stop bickering like an old lady.” I say my piece and walk around the front of the house, past Joe Jr and Nicholas who have heard every damn word.

I’m sitting on the front porch when Justin sits beside me with two cold beers in hand. “You’re right, you know.

I nod.

“I am inconsistent with her, but it’s because I can’t stand to see her miserable. These restrictions the doctors put her on, we know they are important, but they are making her so unhappy, and if I can lighten that for just a moment, fuck, I’m going to. I am going to. She’s my responsibility. My love, my life. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. As for the fighting? It’s how we are, Blaine, she and I started with a fight. She called me a dick and I called her a witch. We fight, then we make up and that’s the point, we never go to bed angry.”

I take the beer from him and lean against him. “I’m not sorry for slugging you.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been slugged, I’m sure I had it coming.”

I laugh. “I assure you, you did.”

“Did what?” Fallon’s voice cuts from behind us and we both turn, looking up at her in the screen doorway. “Which one did it?” she sneers in question.

“Huh?” Justin asks as I shake my head and she comes outside in her bunny slippers.

“Your lip, which one?” She points, not touching but almost.

“Oh, this, just a conversation Blaine and I had to have.” He chuckles as I sip my beer.

She looks at me in surprise. “You hit him?”

“Yes, ma’am, I did. He had it coming, but we’ve gotten it out of our systems as you can now see.”

“That didn’t give you a reason to hit him and mess up his face with four days till the commitment ceremony.”

“Oh, hush, Little Momma, the swelling will go down by tomorrow and I can cover the little cut. It’s mostly in his mouth.”

“Yeah, I’m okay, Darlin’, I swear, seen worse. I’ll be good for pictures by Thursday. Promise,” Justin swears, grabbing her around the waist and trying to kiss her.

“Ha-ha… Don’t touch me. You’re still being an ass.” She swats him away.

“C’mon, Darlin’, I’m sorry. I’m a dick, I know it, you know it, the whole family knows it now too. Let’s squash it and I’ll come look at whatever you want, no complaints, okay?”

“NO! You just stay out here and drink your beer, and I’m going to finish dinner.” She walks away. “Squash it… I’ll look at whatever you want… He lost his damn mind...”