Fallon Hopkins is a good country girl. She’s twenty-three, and spends her time taking care of her family, the Farm and going to the Local Farmer’s Markets to sell her sweet confections. This leaves little room for anything else. Her life is happy if not a little boring.

Justin Blackthorne is a New York City transplant, having come to Kentucky to dislodge the silver spoon from his foul mouth. He’s seems like a party boy, covered in tattoos, and piercings, with a life style to match.

Enter Joseph Hopkins Fallon’s meddling father, after meeting Justin he decides the boy may just be the thing to get his daughter out of the farm house and into the real world. Enlisting the aid of his youngest son Peter they force the pair to interact even after a disastrous first meeting.

The pair quickly find they have less to fight about and more to fight for. Can they conquer the bonds of family or will it all just be Stolen Moments?

*Trigger Warning: Violence

* *Erotic Elements

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Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Stolen Moments (County Fair Romance, Book 1)

No food in this shitty little hotel room. That’s what cheap gets you, not continental breakfasts, not for this poor son fo a bitch. What I need after the drunk I went on last night is a good old greasy spoon. Ah fuck me my head is pounding as I scratch my balls, climbing out of bed heading for the shower. I stare at my reflection, my dark wavy hair is every which way, my pale brown eyes are blood red and the circles under them are black as pitch. What the fuck did I do last night?


I hear my name being called from the other room and jump. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t alone. I poke my head out the bathroom door and see not one but two brunettes sprawled out on the bed, where I had been not a minute before. How the fuck did I miss that!

“Hey ladies?” My dick was instantly hard. “I -uh…” I let out a light little chuckle as they started to kiss and fondle each other.

“We’re bored baby.” The one on the left moaned as the one on the right slid her hand under the sheets. I didn’t need to be told twice, I grabbed the condoms off the dresser and was welcomed with two sets of opened arms. My growling stomach could wait a little longer, my twitching cock had better ideas.