You can take the girl out of the country but can you take the country out of the girl?

In just four short months Justin Blackthorne has become a fixture in the Hopkins Kentucky household. With the holidays upon them he wants nothing more than to get Fallon away from everyone and spend New Year’s in NYC.

The family has other plans, he can take her, but the trip is going to be plus two! Nick and Peter her brothers have invited themselves along putting the kibosh on his romantic plans…

When word gets to Justin’s family he’s come home, all bets are off and he will have no choice but to take the whole motley crew to the house he’s spent years trying to forget.

*Trigger Warning:

* *Erotic Elements

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Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Winter Kisses (County Fair Romance, Book 2)

“Hey, have you guys seen Pete and Dena?” I ask finally.

Nick picks up his head from his hot cider; he’s been adding the shine to it and I can see he’s almost ready for bed. Good thing I brought out the food when I did.

“Uh, they went to feed the chickens.” He snickers then sips his drink.

“Oh, okay.” I toss on my shoes and head out toward the coops, but when I get there, it’s dark, if they were there, the floods would be lit up. I head into the house and can hear music coming from Pete’s room upstairs. I figure they got bored and decided to hang out, so I just head up.

I knock lightly as I enter and all I see is Pete sailing off the back end of the bed. Dena let’s out a little shriek, pulling the blanket up to her bare chest. My eyes pop, and my heart jumps out of my ribs. She’s still got on pants. Thank God!

“What the hell is goin’ on in here?” I can’t keep the mom tone out of my voice.

“I’m sorry, Fallon,” Dena sputters, grabbing her clothes and running past me for the bathroom. I cut her off.

“Unh-uh. Nope. Sit your ass right there. Just get dressed, ain’t nothin’ I ain’t seen.” Pete lifts his head up from behind the bed, he’s got tears in his eyes.

“Momma Fal?”

“Don’t you ‘Momma Fal’ me, boy. I may not be able to control what you do outside this house, but I’ll be damned if you’re gonna do any of it under my roof.” I stomp my foot, driving it home. “And you, young lady, I take you into my house, into my business, and this is how you repay me?” I look her up and down. She’s crying pretty hard.

“I’m really sorry,” she manages again without looking up. “Please don’t tell my parents.”

“Oh, I should, but I think you should be the one to tell them why you’re not working for me or why you’re not seeing Pete anymore.”

They look at me and I can tell Pete is about to explode.

“Say a word to me and I’ll have a cop here in no time flat. She’s eighteen, kiddos. Your pecker in her mouth… that’s molestation in this state.”

He swallows hard as Dena stands up. “I should go.”

“You should. I’ll mail you your last check. Don’t bother coming by the shop anymore.”

She nods, sniffling as I let her pass me by.

“You,” I say to Pete, “I don’t even want to look at you right now, clean your ass up. Come back downstairs and be with your actual family. It’s fucking Christmas.”

I storm out and find Nick at the front door about to go out it.

“Hey, I just saw Dena, she looked like she was crying. What happened?”

I let out a short laugh. “I just caught her upstairs with Pete.”


“She was sucking his cock!”

Nick let out a laugh, “Well, good for him. At least someone is getting some play for Christmas.”

I smack his arm. “It’s not funny, it’s disgusting, he’s only sixteen. What if they fuck around and she gets knocked up?”

“If she gets knocked up from swallowing then we’re all screwed.” He hip-bumps me.

“Eww. That’s horrible. It’s just… In this house, where we sleep. I can’t…”

“Fal, you got knocked up in this house. If it’s okay for you, why not him? Would you rather he be in the back of that Chevy someplace and get arrested for indecent exposure?”

My head is running a mile a minute, there’s already at least three new additions coming into this family. Pete’s just a kid, he’s not thinking with his brain. I look, hearing movement, to see Amanda Jayne, she must be headed for the bathroom. I toss up my hands. “That, right there. We don’t need more of it right now.”

“You’re maybe taking this over the top. It was just a blowjob, Fal.”

“And you know what that leads to?”

“Brushing your teeth.” Nick full on belly laughs.