They call me a bitch, and I own that shit... My Name is Angelica Fontaine, though I’m known to the world as Angelica Joplin, the Lead Vocalist of the Southern Rock Band Fallen Angels. I’m a fireball in a tiny package but I can carry my own and take care of myself. Have been for years now. Unfortunately, a nasty bit of binging and an overdose has gotten my mates in a bit of a tizzy landing me in rehab… Again. Now it’s all let’s talk about your feelings and why you want to kill yourself. Fuck me, it wasn’t exactly on purpose. Not totally… I’ve heard that rock bottom tastes like shit, well I’ve been served a big heaping pile of it that’s for sure. The guys say I need to finish rehab and then I need to consent to a new kind of bodyguard. They are talking a full-blown MANNY!! Somebody to watch everything I do, all the time! They can’t be serious? Can they?

*Trigger warning

**Erotic Elemnets

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Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Hell In Heels (A Sex, Drugs and Rock, Book 2)

I’m sitting out on the patio, enjoying the sun and finishing up the book I’ve been reading today. Angelica stops in front of me on her way in the house. She’s bouncing from foot to foot. Apparently, the ride did nothing to help her wind down.

“So, do you want to do the gym first or this counseling thing? I figured I’d ask before I take a shower and change my clothes again because I’m not changing again since I’m assuming I have to do my own laundry.” She laughs.

“Of course, you have to do your own laundry.” I smile. “I’d say we do the physical portion first. The question is are we playing tennis, basketball, or working out in the gym?”

“Define work out because there’s nothing in my gym.”

I chuckle. “Gym it is. Grab your shoes and let me change. I’ll meet you there.” I refrain from calling her cupcake again because this is a working relationship. I need to watch my slips. Angelica skips off and I drop my head to the table before getting up.

Changed and walking into the gym, I spot Angelica with her hands on her hips, wearing her yoga pants with just a white sports bra with purple flowers on it. I mentally shake my head, walking over to the bar. I put my phone into the dock and get ready to hit shuffle when Angelica speaks up.

“So, I was thinking we could kill two birds with one giant stone.”

“Okay?” I ask with my back still turned to her.

“I figure we could work out for an hour and you can just counsel me now, rather than, you know, working out in silence.”

“It won’t be silent. I’ve got music. Go ahead over to the mats and we will get you stretched out.”

“It’s just a thought.”

I hit shuffle on my playlist and head over to the mats with Angelica.

“How ya want me?” Angelica asks and that’s such a loaded question.

“Basic stretches.”

I take a seat on the mat beside her and get us started on stretching our legs. She bends down, touching her toes and counting to ten. Only her chest is against the floor. Fuck me, she’s limber.

Save a Horse by Big & Rich starts playing and Angelica bursts out in laughter. She sits up and begins dancing a little, doing lassoes over her head. I’d bet she could be a good cowgirl. I turn away from her, stretching my other leg.

“Do you need a little help?” Angelica snickers.

I jerk my head around to look at her. “I'm all right.”

“Alright, it’s just you wanted me to stretch and it looks like you could use a little help,” she says, getting up and sitting back down in front of me.

She reaches for my hands. I give them to her and she pulls me toward her. I do the same with her and we go back and forth like this for about thirty seconds each. Every time she pulls me toward her, I’m so close to her that I can stick out my tongue and lick her. At the same time, when I’m pulling her toward me, I’m trying to think of everything except her mouth on my cock. Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, lots of fucking balls. Fuck, her tongue would feel awesome on my balls.

I change up positions just as the song changes again. Ride by Chase Rice starts playing and I feel myself blush from head to toe. I push her leg up, trying to stay far enough away so that my cock doesn’t come in contact with her pussy.

Angelica lets out a little moan, “Push harder, it will go behind my head.”

I clear my throat and push down on her deeper, my cock rubbing against her. I’ll be damned if she isn’t pierced there too. I know Angelica feels my cock against her as I move and she has to stifle a moan as her shoulders lift off the mat slightly. I let up on her left leg and go to work on the right. As soon as my cock touches her, the grip she has on my shoulders tightens.

Before I know it, Angelica’s grip on me tightens to the point that I’m positive I’m bleeding and she spasms underneath me. The next thing I know, I can feel her nails in my scalp and I’m being pulled down. Before I can do anything, her tongue is in my mouth and I can feel the ring slide across my tongue. Angelica’s left leg rolls over my hip and my cock stands at fast attention. I immediately push myself off Angelica and slide back so that I’m against the wall, watching her closely.

Angelica’s chest is heaving, eyes wide and staring at me. “I’m so sorry. It’s just- you were -and then I...” She laughs.

“You have nothing to be sorry about,” I whisper. I’m fucked. I’m going to lose my God damned job and there’s not a fucking thing I can do about it.

Angelica sits up, crossing her legs. “I’m confused. I thought you were gay.”

“What gave you the impression that I was gay?” I ask.

“Have you meet you?”

“Well, I am me, so I’d supposed so.”

“Add in the higher than normal organizational skills, the everything has to be in its place, the romance novels, the playlist…” She laughs. “But you kissed me back and um, that’s still not going away,” she remarks, pointing at my erection.

I run a hand through my hair and down my face. “I’m not gay, never been and pretty sure I never will be. As for everything else you can’t always judge a book by its cover.”

“That’s very true.” Angelica gets on her hands and knees and starts crawling toward me. “You know I can help with that.”

“No, you have to stop. We can’t do this. We won’t do this,” I say adamantly.

Angelica stops right in front of me with her hands on my ankles. “You obviously like me and I’m here and willing.” She lifts herself up at the same time she tries to pull my legs down. “I already came, so it’s your turn.”