What happens in Vegas, never actually stays in Vegas…

Brent Casey aka Brent Jagger is the lead guitarist of one of the best Southern Rock bands, in the world, Fallen Angels. He’s been sober for three years when he wakes up hungover and in a bed, that isn’t his. To make matter’s worse there’s someone in bed with him, and he’s got a ring on that he doesn’t recognize. He knows quickly he’s messed up. Thinking he can just get it annulled he sneaks out of the hotel to be grabbed by his detail and shoved into his car to be taken to the airport they have a gig in Sydney, and will be gone for three months, hoping Lawyers can handle it he’s at a loss as he doesn’t even know her last name. When he finds her, he finds he’s stuck, as she burrows under his skin.

But can this mouthy, Texas girl handle the life of a Rocker? One on the brink of his addictions? Can they move past lust and find love at last?

*Trigger Warning

**Drug Use

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Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Vegas Lights (A Sex, Drugs and Rock, Book 1)

I open my eyes and its fucking bright in here. I stretch, roll over and feel someone in bed with me. What the fuck? Christie isn’t here with me. I get a better look, now I know this isn’t Christie. What did I do? I feel weight on my ring finger and I know this is not going to be a good thing. Last night is so fuzzy I need to figure out what’s going on.

This chick, in my bed has dark brown hair where Christie has fire red. Sweet Jesus I hope it’s a chick. I look from the chick snoozing away to the ring on my no- no finger. I never planned to marry, not with how fucked I am in the head. It’s sitting on my ring finger just mocking me. It’s like Look bitch you got married and now you’re stuck with me. The ring is a modern style, black Titanium and fuck, doesn’t it fit comfortably.

I can’t believe I got fucking married. I had been planning to break things off with Christie just hadn’t figured out how. I get dressed and get myself out of the room before she can ever wake.

Just as I step out the door I get grabbed by Blake one of our security guys.

“Have fun, Boss?” Blake asks.

“Dude, I have no clue. I’m not even sure what happened. We’re you with me?”

“Yes, boss.”


“You got married. Cute girl and you two hit it off pretty quick during Mike’s bachelor party.”

“Does everyone know?”

“No, boss. Just Marissa, myself and you.”


“The girl, boss.”

Shit “Blake I need to get this shit annulled like right fucking now.”

“Can’t boss. I was sent to get you for your trip.”

“Fuckin’ Sydney” I mutter “Can we get something like this takin’ care of with me over there?”

“No, Boss. You were completely here when you got married, though. When you decided to go through with it I remember you saying something about Miss Maxwell finally having to go.”

“How many drinks did I have? I only remember four tops.”

“Only five beers before you got yourself hitched but many afterwards. You and Marissa had yourself a party of sorts. I do hope you were using protection because from the sounds that were coming from your room, I’m pretty positive you all were having ya some fun.” Blake says amused.