Tell Me Tru (The Averdeen Duet Book 1)

Tru Averdeen had everything a person could want. Money, fame, the power to influence others. Her way was paved on her fortune and her face. With porcelain skin, a head of fiery curls, all framing a pair of pastel blue eyes and lips like pink roses she has been a Media Spectacle since she was born. Then she met Holly...

Holly Turner came up rough. Emotionally damaged all she wanted was a life worth living. Then she sees a face on TV crying over some lost rich daddy. Her wheels turn and soon she is face to face with Tru and the truth...

It's been four years since that night. They don't speak of it, not anymore. Tru has fallen away from the limelight, letting Holly take on her name, her face, friends. All Tru wants is a quiet happy existence away, and all Holly wants is what's owed to her. It's worked for four years...


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Tell Me Tru: The Averdeen Duet © 2019 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Adult Content:


“That’ll be fifty-seven, fifty-three, eighty.” The young man whose name is- Shane, says from behind the counter of Harol’s Gardens. An independent company that deals in bulk landscaping needs. I’m working on a community garden out in Beverly Hills of all places, but I live in West LA, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Art District. It’s a great neighborhood, now. When my Gran bought the joint back in 1960, it was nice, but over the years, it had fallen on downtimes. Now it’s moving back up, and houses like it are going for damn near, if not over a million. She and Granpa got a mortgage at seventy-five, back in sixty. I shop here at Harol’s because he’s local, and local means community and communities take care of each other.

That’s what my Gran and Granpa used to say, and I believe it’s true. They’re both gone now, so it’s just me and Crenshaw, my German Shepard, Beagle mix. I got him when I was on my own back in twenty- twelve, and was going through a phase, not to mention it was about the only thing good about the neighborhood I got him from. We work, we play, and we hang out like a couple of bros on my porch at night. It’s a good life.

“Here’s my I.D., just drop it on the Averdeen account.”

The kid’s eyes go wide; it’s a large account. Well over thirty-thousand since I started in March. August is now over, and much of the garden is up and functioning. Now she wants a privacy wall and security lights. Guess some local hoods trashed a few plots, and now she is in panic mode.

“Y-Yes, Mister Bedver.”

“Hell, I ain’t nobody’s Mister.” I smile, putting out my hand. “Rion’s the name. Put it there, Shane.”

The kid smiles and shakes my hand. “Nice to meet ya.”

“You must be new; I know all Harol’s kids.”

“Cousin, from New Mexico. I just came out for college. Got into Berkley.”

“Well, good for you. I’m sure if you work hard, you’ll do great.”

“Thanks!” He gets quiet as he’s punching in codes again.

“Um, Mis- I mean Rion, it says that a payment was due two days ago but wasn’t received.”

“Uggh, yeah, I bet. Give me a printout, and I’ll be sure you get a check by weeks end.”

“O-okay. Thank you.”

I nod, taking the printout and head out. It’s just like her to forget to make a payment. I swear she likes to push the line, especially with me. The woman makes me crazy. Crenshaw is waiting in the back of my twenty-fifteen Silverado 250o, which is in serious need of a bath. I can hardly see the white pearl paint for all the mud. I took it up the Lake Roesiger trail in Washington over the weekend and had a blast.

Takes about forty minutes before I’m driving up to Tru-Grow Gardens, the community garden set up by Miss Tru Averdeen, you may have heard of her, then maybe not, I mean she’s one of those money babies, that came up celebrity for all the bling, and crazy their parents got up to. I mean she’s got a YouTube channel or whatever, but really, she’s kind of a vapid slut. Dresses like the rest of the posh ponies and prefers her men on tap.

Not that I’m complaining. Yeah, I’ve tapped it a couple of times, she likes me dirty and us outside. Speaking of her…

I roll my eyes as Crenshaw barks. There Tru is with her bodyguard Lee, she’s holding some little puppy, and he’s got three more on leashes.

“Quiet.” I order, and Crenshaw just whimpers. “Just take it easy.” I hop out of the truck, and she comes scampering over, holding out this little dog.

“Say hi to Athos.” She smiles, pushing the pup on to me. As it’s kissing my face and biting my chin hairs, I see it’s a red and rust Miniature Pinscher. The other three are also Min Pins, one Black and Tan, one Blue and silver and the last; what she says they call Merle, I think it’s a Harlequin. “They are each named for a Musketeer, and D’artagan, of course, is the odd man there.” She points to the Harlequin.

“Ah.” I nod as she takes little Athos from me. I wonder if she’s ever read a book for enjoyment and not just because a teacher said so. She hands the pup to Lee and rolls her body back toward me.

“So, how is it all coming?” She grabs my arm; I already know where this is going. The only time she touches me is when she’s looking for a ride on my swizzle stick.

“If you come back here, I can show you the stone I picked up, or would you rather see what’s already been lain?”

“Hmm, show me the wall.”

I look over my shoulder and watch as Lee takes the puppies back to her, Gold Suburban, with an eye roll. As soon as Tru and I are behind the overgrowth, she pushes me into the wall, kissing me. Always sloppy and wet, always in a hurry. It’s hot, but it’s getting old. She sees the low end of the wall, which is just high enough that she can drop her hands on it and seems to have that very idea. She hikes up her red leather pencil skirt and shimmies out of a matching red thong as her heels slip in the dirt. Kicking them off, she bends down.

“C’mon, stud, stuff me with that fat cock.” She tears open a condom and hands it to me. I’m just hard but watching her start to rub her own pussy has me readier than a stallion on steroids. I get behind her, and she grabs me, cramming me with force and a good amount of pain into her.

“Ah, easy girl. I’ll fuck you good and proper, now calm down, or I ain’t gonna fuck ya at all.”

“Ugh, you just don’t understand, it was such an infuriating day. I need to be slammed, slapped around a bit, and just shown who’s got the control. It’s not the fucking media.” She won’t shut up, just keeps going, panting. I’ve heard enough of her whining. I pull out, grab her, turning her to me, and pound her up and down on my shaft. Now she’s seeing stars, only grunts and yelps come from her lips as her tits which I never seem to get access to bounce. I tear down her top and find pierced nipples. I bite down and suck, and she grabs my head coming so hard I feel it against my nuts. I lift her and hit my knees in the dirt, making her ride me till I come. She falls down on to me, her breathing all over the place.

“I hate to bring it up, but you missed dropping the check at Harol’s.” I say as she plays with my chest hair a bit.

“I’m busy and going nowhere near that part of LA at all.”

“Well, I do have some papers for you to sign.” I say as she gets up and gets her shoes on.

“Umm… I don’t have to remind you this didn't happen?” I finish with her.

“No, but about the check and the papers.” I say, following her. That woman can move in stilettos.

She stops. I see silver fly from Lee to her, then she turns. “Catch.”

I catch the keys as they jingle down into my hand. I look at her curiously.

“The flat one gets you through the gate and shuts off the alarm for the dogs. The gold is the bolt, and the other is the front doorknob. I’ll leave a check, and you can leave your papers.” She blows me a kiss and is in with Lee in seconds.

With a huff, I start back for my truck, realizing I don’t have my wallet. “Damnit.” I retrace to the wall, and there right in the dirt is my wallet, and next to it is a bright red cotton thong.